This collaboration between songwriter/composer M. Rexen and visual artist Maya SB features music arranged by Sasha Agranov and Henri Gibbs. The show is a tale of colorful rebellion, an ode to the smallest things in nature. M. Rexen's voice has an amazing range spanning many octaves and his songwriting is powerful poetry dealing with themes of love and loss that are both melancholic and uplifting. Paired with cellist Sasha Agranov's impossible softness and enormous aptitude, and Henri Gibbs' celestial choir vocals, the show is simply a breathtaking experience when combined with Maya SB's wild and colorful world.

The visual aspect of the show is a journey into a small garden world where magical creatures live. Become tiny and look up at flowers and grass as you observe the wild but peaceful creatures that live there, all imbued with SB's particular artistic touch that is simultaneously warm and inviting, yet also incorporates a sense of punkish rebellion through the use of glitchy analog or digital errors.

The show also includes M. Rexen's 16-string rotating harp, The Ootwo, an invention of his own.