Revival of the Opera "Intet" from Copenhagen. Translated to norwegian and revived with a norwegian cast. Together with the very stong team Dina Fie Lorentzen , Ludivine Petit, Anne Mette Fisker Lankjer and Robbie Butler Milroy.

The seventh grade has returned from break. Something has happened to one of the boys. During the summer, he figured out that nothing matters. His classmates protest.
To prove that life is not meaningless, they start collecting their most valuable possessions. It starts with everyday items like a pair of shoes and a stack of books. But the project gradually takes new and dangerous turns...

Nothing is about what young people care about today: climate anxiety, gender identity and the digital (un)reality in which we live. It is a raw story that takes the world and existential questions of teenagers seriously – without providing any easy answers.

Nothing is based on Janne Teller’s award-winning book for young readers, which has been translated into 27 languages. The opera version from 2016, featuring music by David Bruce, has been hugely successful in Great Britain and Denmark.

Co-production with The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen

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